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Months ago I wrote a serie of articles (Italian only) about why relying on an AntiVirus only is far from being an effective approach to network safety nowadays. Today, I stumbled upon this piece, where Brian Dye, Symantec’s senior Vice President for Information Security apparently says «AntiVirus is dead».

To quote Mark Twain, I think the report of AV death is an exaggeration: nobody should -in my opinion- turn their AV off because it’s not effective anymore. It is certainly true, however, that this approach cannot be the only one in place if you plan to combat malware on your network effectively.

In the fourth part of the series above I already suggested using lists of Command & Control IPs to create nullrouting or firewall entries to inhibit network traffic trying to reach “bad resources”. I also said how one of these lists is available from Spamhaus (as that’s the one I’ve been using) and how they provide this list in the form of a BGP feed you can configure directly in your border router(s).

Whatever the list you chose and however you’re feeding it to your router, you’re going to face a problem: how to monitor what is being nullrouted and what the supposedly infected system is trying to do?

Here is what I did and how you can use a normal linux system to dump and log the blocked traffic and hijack the HTTP sessions (that are by far the most interesting ones) to obtain more intel about the infections.


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