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I spent a good part of the last few days trying to debug a very weird problem involving postfix and opendkim, so I thought it was a good idea to write the entire experience down for anybody who might be encountering the same (or a similar) problem. This was probably the weirdest misbehaviour I managed to trigger without involving any real bug…


On a system I control, I installed opendkim for signing only and configured postfix to interact with it: installation was smooth as usual and everything was deployed in an hour or two. The emails sent by the system are partly anonymized and some headers are therefore stripped before the mail goes out. For this reason, DKIM was configured to sign only some of the headers (and not all of them) or the signatures would fail to validate for remote users.

I sent a few test emails to Gmail and everything seemed to be fine: mail signed, signature header as expected, Google verifying the signature correctly and so on. So I told other users of the same server that the feature was enabled and to poke me in case something was wrong. Immediately one user wrote back saying he wasn’t seeing any signature at all in the emails he was sending.

I checked the logs for his email and found this:

Mar 24 12:22:56 myserver opendkim[32082]: 0CA2F2F1: can’t determine message sender; accepting

The presence of a “From” or “Sender” header within the email is mandatory for DKIM, otherwise the mail can’t be signed; this message was saying that the mail had none and was therefore refusing to sign it.




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